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Let our experts provide you with a free on-site or remote estimate while respecting social distancing

We know how significant your pipes are to your home and your family.  Our handyman are here to handle any issue in the business norms.  The team can assist with onsite plumbing maintenance on any plumbing project, from the most straightforward to the most difficult.  It doesn't make any difference whether you've encountered a flawed latrine, an obstructed kitchen sink, an overwhelmed room, or a supported up sewer line.


See, the industry of bathroom remodeling is constantly evolving. Items change, innovation changes, and best practices for establishments change too. Just one example: If you go into any "big-box" store, you'll quickly realize that your options seem to be endless. Also, actually it takes a Specialist to direct you and assist you with sorting out what you need… and what you really want, while beginners simply attempt to sell you on your financial plan. Therefore, the absurdly low estimates that you see.

At Djs Affordable Contractor for hire, we are washroom specialists. We only do it. And despite being in the business for nearly two decades, we are not "guessing." We know which items work and which ones don't, which ones will endure forever, and which ones will wear out about when you put them in.

The point is the point at which you consider that more than 80% of your restroom rebuild happens "behind the walls" where you can't see it, you need a specialist. Never give your wallet or home to anyone else.

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