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Wooden Deck 

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Likely the most hard choice to make while building a deck is the kind of decking to utilize. All three options are 5/4 x 6 in. span edged cedar, pressure-treated and composite decking — share likenesses. They're all decay impervious to changing degrees, require 16-in. joist dividing for legitimate help, fade out to a gleaming dark, and can generally be cut and introduced utilizing regular devices and clasp.


Utilize cedar if the natural appearance of wood tops your list. The tree's heartwood, which is the redder, deeper portion rather than the white sap, is resistant to rot. Since moisture is what causes twisting and splitting, cedar decking tends to lie flat and straight. If you prefer economy and longevity, choose pressure-treated wood. Cedar does not readily absorb moisture. It can withstand stains and abuse, and many brands offer a limited lifetime warranty. However, be careful because not all treated woods are created equal.


If almost zero support is your objective, purchase composite decking. Most is produced using reused plastic and wood chips or sawdust. Although it is more expensive than cedar, it will not rot, splinter, or twist once it is installed.

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