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 Garage Door Installation & Repairs

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Like most things on the inside and outside of your home garage doors do require maintenance. These products may also require repair or replacement over the lifetime of the home. No products have an indefinite lifespan.

Having trouble with your garage door opening or closing? Is it stuck in one spot or it keeps drifting down when you try to leave it partially open? Working on heavy duty tension springs or cables can be dangerous.

If weather-stripping is excessively worn, garage door cannot seal properly. Hardware components, such as sash locks, operators and door rollers, must be operable for security and life safety purposes. If any of these components are no longer functional, they should be replaced.

Stay safe and leave things to the professionals. Djs Affordable Contactors technicians offer repairs and inspections for all garage door types. All services, parts and labor come backed with standard manufactures warranty, and our skilled technicians are experts in their field, with years of experience under their belts.

No matter the garage size, type and material, our team of techs will come to you when it suits your schedule to pinpoint the exact issue at hand and fix it fast and make things as easy.  Schedule an appointment today to get your garage door working like new again in no time.​

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