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Lawn Care Service

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No matter what the region, Djs Affordable Contractor and working with a unique regional program or project manager will allow you to contract directly with us so that we can provide you with an unmatched quality at the best possible value.   


Lawn Maintenance

Professionals perform lawn maintenance services uses industry best practices and state of the art equipment. Mowing, trimming and detailing your landscape brings curb appeal and value to your asset.


Shrub & Ornamental Care

Proper pruning and care of your plants ensures long life cycles and less frequent plant loss. Regular scheduled pruning and shearing is performed by specialized landscape maintenance crews, called “detail crews”. These specialized crews have the specific equipment and training needed to deliver a beautiful result.


Tree Trimming

Djs Affordable Contractor provides complete tree care services. This includes structural pruning and trimming of trees as well as removal. Our tree trimmers always complete their work in a safe manner.


Fertilization & Pest Control Services

Technicians carefully apply fertilizers and nutrients to turf areas and ornamentals. Pests and disease when present is treated pro-actively to reduce damage and loss of plant material or turf grass, ensuring your landscape looks healthy and vibrant all the time.


Mulch Installation

East Coast can enhance your property by installing mulch to your existing landscaped areas. This includes flower beds, tree rings, planting beds or even playgrounds.


A variety of products are utilized depending on the application and type of property. This includes natural products, rubber products and choices of color and texture. Our project managers will provide you with guidance when planning your landscape program.

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Lawn Care

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Seasonal Color Installation

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of your overall curb appeal strategy can be found in seasonal color. Seasonal color adds bursts of color to high profile areas of your landscape such as, entrances, entertainment areas, court yards, near property signage and corners of the property which border public roads.


A carefully designed seasonal color program can be performed by your designated project manager. The program will be organized according to your budget and site-specific requirements.



Seasonal clean-ups normally happen in northern markets such as a spring clean-up to clean up leaves that have fallen over the winter months or fall clean-ups to clean up fallen leaves.


In some cases, if a property has been neglected by previous owners or a prior contractor, our project managers may recommend a one-time clean-up to get your property back into shape and ready for proper care and maintenance.


Design & Landscape Enhancement Services

If you want to enhance your property? Djs Affordable Contractor working with a designer can offer a design from minor change to your landscape or a major overhaul. Enhancing landscapes are one of the quickest way to build value and prepare a property for occupancy marketing or sale.

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