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Locksmiths are prepared to chip away at a few unique kinds of locks, so their day may be loaded up with a wide assortment of obligations. In order to fix a lock, a locksmith might take it apart, locate the problem, and then use a variety of small tools to fix it. These repairs might be done in a dedicated workshop or on the spot. They might also rekey locks, change the locks, or modify them in other ways.

A few locksmiths sell, administration, and introduce safes for homes and organizations. Locksmiths frequently work on safes and other safety efforts for banks, which can require normal upkeep and testing. Related equipment, for example, vault entryways, clock frameworks, teller machines, and safe store boxes could likewise require the normal administrations of a locksmith.

Because many locksmiths choose to be "on call" for emergency services, their jobs often require working odd hours. Locksmiths frequently answer calls from people who have lost their keys or kept themselves out of a home or vehicle. They could likewise work with neighborhood policing crisis administrations to get admittance to a property in case of a crisis.

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