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With the leadership skills necessary to successfully lead, manage, and support high-profile projects, Djs Affordable Contractor can offer highly skilled program managers and project managers.

Adaptable Enough to Your Needs
Djs Affordable Contractor provides the adaptability and skill to meet your resource demands, whether they are short-term or long-term. We are specialists in:

  • Managing crucial, strategic initiatives: Even staffing businesses use our consultants when they can't afford to have a program or project fail!

  • Recovering difficult projects: Our consultants are adept in making quick diagnoses of issues, implementing course adjustments, and regaining control of projects.

  • Interim management: We are able to take over PMOs and other comparable organizations, manage them for you for a short or long period of time, and then hand them back over to you when you're ready.

  • The expertise you want can be provided if your staff are strong in certain areas but not so good in others (such as risk management). In addition, we can assist in managing important resource dependency concerns effectively.

  • When demand exceeds capacity, we can provide additional personnel, such as project controllers, program managers, and business analysts, to assist you meet your staffing needs.

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