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Residential Cleaning


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Residential Cleaning

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We at Djs Affordable Contractor can handle your residential cleaning needs quickly and professionally.  We utilize the selective cleaning techniques for "Delicate Washing." This method ensures that your home is cleaned without causing any damage to the materials.

Our expert, prepared and devoted business cleaning group can help you regardless of what your requirements are. 

Washing Mirrors and glass

Empty and Wipe out Trash cans

Scrub Toilets

Wash all hard floors

Wash Bathroom sinks & Counters

Wash all Towels

Clean Tubs & Showers

Dust whole house

Vacuum & Wash living room furniture

Dust Ceiling fans

Vacuum carpet

Vacuum along baseboards

Wash all railing

Linen change

Sweep & mop floors

Clean appliances

Wipe down cabinets

Remove cobwebs

Call us today to discuss your residential cleaning requirements, or go to one of our residential cleaning pages for more information: Cleaning of apartments, condos, and townhouses, as well as property management cleaning.

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