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Wood trim can be added, replaced, or repaired to brighten dull rooms and boost your home's value. Paint touch-ups and simple cleaning are examples of repairs. Trim that can't be fixed is taken out with replacements. Also, increments — seat rails, crown embellishment, and base constructed ups — transform ho-murmur walls into eye-catchers. The best part is that wood trim is cheap, so your money spent on home improvement will go a long way.

Even if you try very hard, those old shoe moldings and baseboards sometimes still look worn. Wood trim replacement is not as expensive as you might think. On the off chance that you're helpful with a miter box and saw, you can supplant trim yourself. Five-inch composite base normally costs $2/straight ft., so that a 10-by-15-foot space could be used to replace the baseboard. room for about $100 in materials Nothing brings a room to life more quickly than strategically placed trim. Crown shaping adds style. But don't make the crown too big. While 8-foot ceilings would appear crowded with that much trim, ten-foot ceilings can handle 10-inch moldings. Stick to 3-to 5-inch forming on lower roofs. Costs range from 90 pennies to $3/straight ft for wood composite, red oak or poplar; $1.50 to $6.50/direct ft. ( a lot higher for perplexing plans) for mahogany, cherry, or pecan.

Chair rails can protect walls. Chair rails should typically be installed where the backs of your chairs touch the wall or one-third of the way up from the floor.

By adding trim on top of what you already have, you can build up the baseboards. Before you make a plunge, tape a couple of tests over your ongoing base to check whether they outwardly get along.

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